Asthma patient

1st, June. # daily dose #

Asthma or respiratory patient need to be very alert. Because corona infections most often have side effects on the respiratory system.

The risk of Corona infection is higher in patients with other lung diseases including asthma.

Coronavirus easily affects such patients due to already having respiratory infections. It is important for asthma patients to be health conscious and to keep allergies under control.

Major symptoms of asthma

Asthma is a disease that creates extra mucus by blocking the respiratory tract. In such a situation, the patient has nervousness along with high cough and shortness of breath.

This is how to save!

• Mask can be used to avoid dirt and dust particles.

• make a physical distance from paper who are suffering from cold or flu

• do not share household times like cups, glasses and towels.

• keep the light switch, cell phone, door knob etc. clean.

• regularly take medicines while adopting the treatment recommended by the doctor.

• stress affects the immune system, so be happy and meditate.

• Eat a nutritious and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

• Engage in physical activity according to ability as it is good for overall health and immunity.

• Instead of living home, shop online and go for a walk in the terrace or lobby.

• Continue to use your regular inhelar, nasal spray and anti allergy tablets.

• If you need more inhaler than contact the doctor immediately.

The symptoms and severity of asthma always change. This disease cannot be completely cured.

Yes, its symptoms can be managed. If you feel the onset of a symptom attack, follow the treatment plan given by the doctor. Keep the inhaler with you at all times and use it as necessary. If symptoms persist, contact the doctor immediately.

Greatest hits [control your weight in covid-19]

The human body is like a bank. If more is deposited in it and less is spend then bank balance is sure to increase.

There has been a lot of change in lifestyle during this period of coronavirus transition, which has severally affected our daily routine.

At this time, to roam around, gym exercise, sports etc. are closed. Yoga pranayam and rope jumping are better indoor options. These days required daily work is much less. Obesity is a disease in it self. When we see this disease today in the the context of weeping , then it is under standable that our body has become so much macro due to people sitting in homes.

So we have to keep in the bodi’s calories should be spent? Many weight loss medicine and devices are currently available in the market. But, there is no alternative to exercise. Exercise consumes the most energy and reduce body fat.

The baby is safe in the mother’s womb

The whole world is in panic over covid-19 at this time. Only physical distance can save people from Corona infection. This is where the health of pregnant woman comes up. How they protect themselves from this virus.Can covid-19 get pregnant to wombless baby?It is evident,all such questions must be arising in the mind of pregnant women.In such a situation, doctor’s say that, women should take special care of their health during pregnancy. Rescue at homeOPD of large number of hospitals closed these days, this does not mean that pregnant women cannot go to the hospital.Emergency services are being provided 24 hours a day in hospitals.But go to the hospital only when necessary. Otherwise, you can consult a doctor over the phone.Pregnant women have weaker immunity than normal women.So doctor’s give them supplements that their immune system can be strengthened. Changes in their body during pregnancy may increase some risk of infection? Hence in lockdown, avoid going to the hospital as much as possible.stay at home and take medicines as per doctor’s advice and take full care of your diet.Covid-19 Not related to bloodPregnant women need not be afraid at all, covid-19 is not related to blood.If a pregnant turns out to be positive, she is treated by adopting the protocol and sent home only when she is completely infection free.Take caution, follow health rulesIf the women in infected with covid-19 at the time of delivery, the newborn will also be examined.Doctor’s are of the opinion that the situation should not occur. Themselves, the low of caution and physical Distance should be followed.Before cooking, after eating, after going to the toilet, after nail biting wash hand thoroughly with soap.Take special care if you have fever, cough or difficulty in breathing.Give safety shield to the fetusPregnant women should include carbohydrate,fat, protein, vitamin,fiber and minerals etc in the diet.They also need to increase probiotic supplement in food.For this, Idli,dosa,upma,dhokla,yogurt can eat smoothies by adding fruits and berries.It can also be increased through natural food sources.Nutritions and balanced food should be consumed.Also eat vitamin-c rich substances like orange, lemon,Amla, walnut, almond, superfood, turmeric, ginger, garlic etc.Use seasonal fruits and vegetables .wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before using them. If you want,wash it with warm water.Drinking warm water every 20-30 least 8-10 glasses of water or fluid should be consumed daily.Physical physical Distance for the infantIf a woman is delivered at this time, she will also have to take care of hygiene and sanitization at home in the same way as when kept in a hospital.Before feeding the newborn,wash her hands thoroughly with soap and only after applying sanitizer,lift her in the lap.If there is a sick person in the family, keep the child away from him.It is better not to give your baby to anyone else.Even after delivery, women take postic diet’s to keep.

The epidemic changed the world

The outbreak of coronavirus is changing the life of the people of the world in unimaginable manner. The kind of living they have been accustomed to, it is changing. The history of past epidemics suggests that they brought major changes with them. Due to these rules were ruined. Imperialism also expanded and its scope narrowed.

The powerful rise of Western Europe after the black death.

Death from smallpox in America in the 15th century.

Yellow fever in Europe in 1801.

In 1641 a large number of people dead in North China from the plague.

Between 1888 and 1897, the virus named rinderpest killed about 90 percent of pets in Africa.

Story of an epidemic

The epidemic brings a 360 degree change in the way we live and work with our socio economic and cultural systems. We see it all today. How permanent does this change take? It is now absorbed into the trough of the future. But on the basis of past experiences, a picture of the permanent impact of covid-19 with each region can be presented.

Covid like flu of 1918

The Spanish flu spread in 1918 swallowed 5 crore leaves. At that time it was 2.5 percent of the world’s population. 18 lakh Indians were killed in it. This was the highest number of deaths in any country. It shocked the world in its three attacks. It had its first but mild outbreak in the early months of 1918. In the last days of August, he made a second fatal strike. It had its third and last attack in the early months of 1919. the magnitude of which was mixed with the first and second stages. The highest number of deaths occurred in the 13 weeks between September and December was the most dangerous epidemic ever known in human history since the black death epidemic in the 14th century.

Similarities to covid-19

Spanish flu and covid-19 have different diseases, but they have many similarities. Breathing spreads. Transition occurs by touching the surface. Both are virus borne. Both are very contagious. Both are called diseases of congestion.

The modelities of treatment have changed

The concept of virus in 1918 was not guite there. When the infected flu epidemic spread , the entire medical field remained speechless. They did not have the means of investigation. There was no team. There was also a lack of antiviral medication or antibiotics. Public health measures such as physical distance and quarantine were resorted to. These were also raised late.after this epidemic, many countries were forced to start socialized medicine health care for all. Rasiya became the first country to introduce a centrally funded health care system. Gradually Germany, France and Britain followed it . America took another route. It implemeted an employer besed insurance scheme. More or less all country started strenghtning and expanding their health Care. In 1920, The ministry of health was formed in many countries. At the same time, a branch of the global health watchdog of the league of nations also opened, which we know today as the world health organisation. The