Story of an epidemic

The epidemic brings a 360 degree change in the way we live and work with our socio economic and cultural systems. We see it all today. How permanent does this change take? It is now absorbed into the trough of the future. But on the basis of past experiences, a picture of the permanent impact of covid-19 with each region can be presented.

Covid like flu of 1918

The Spanish flu spread in 1918 swallowed 5 crore leaves. At that time it was 2.5 percent of the world’s population. 18 lakh Indians were killed in it. This was the highest number of deaths in any country. It shocked the world in its three attacks. It had its first but mild outbreak in the early months of 1918. In the last days of August, he made a second fatal strike. It had its third and last attack in the early months of 1919. the magnitude of which was mixed with the first and second stages. The highest number of deaths occurred in the 13 weeks between September and December was the most dangerous epidemic ever known in human history since the black death epidemic in the 14th century.

Similarities to covid-19

Spanish flu and covid-19 have different diseases, but they have many similarities. Breathing spreads. Transition occurs by touching the surface. Both are virus borne. Both are very contagious. Both are called diseases of congestion.

The modelities of treatment have changed

The concept of virus in 1918 was not guite there. When the infected flu epidemic spread , the entire medical field remained speechless. They did not have the means of investigation. There was no team. There was also a lack of antiviral medication or antibiotics. Public health measures such as physical distance and quarantine were resorted to. These were also raised late.after this epidemic, many countries were forced to start socialized medicine health care for all. Rasiya became the first country to introduce a centrally funded health care system. Gradually Germany, France and Britain followed it . America took another route. It implemeted an employer besed insurance scheme. More or less all country started strenghtning and expanding their health Care. In 1920, The ministry of health was formed in many countries. At the same time, a branch of the global health watchdog of the league of nations also opened, which we know today as the world health organisation. The