How to start your day right

If the beginning of the morning is right, then the whole day is pleasant. People are safe in homes because of covid-19. It’s important at this time that we strengthen our immunity.

To start the day, first get up in the morning and drink lukewarm water.

This Ushapan is centuries-old Indian method whereby the toxins that accumulate in the body are released to remain stress freeout of the body overnight.

You can strengthen your immunity by making a small change in yoga, pranayam and diet.

They also help you to remain stress free in this difficult times and to keep away worries.

How can we gether the energy of a day with a good start

Yoga, exercises give you many types of benefits at the beginning of a day.

Start with Surya namaskar . By doing Surya namaskar, energy is transmitted to you and the pingala pulse is activated, which give you the energy to do the day’s work.

Pranayam also helps in activating the energy cycle in the body. Pranayam has a positive effect on the brain.

Repeated migraine, fatigue or sluggish complaints are due to reduced immunity, which can be regained by pranayam.

This reduces stress and solves the problem of sleeplessness.

Pranayam, as a whole, gives new energy to the lungs, due to which immunity is strengthened and you stay healthy even if there is an infection in the environment.