Asthma patient

1st, June. # daily dose #

Asthma or respiratory patient need to be very alert. Because corona infections most often have side effects on the respiratory system.

The risk of Corona infection is higher in patients with other lung diseases including asthma.

Coronavirus easily affects such patients due to already having respiratory infections. It is important for asthma patients to be health conscious and to keep allergies under control.

Major symptoms of asthma

Asthma is a disease that creates extra mucus by blocking the respiratory tract. In such a situation, the patient has nervousness along with high cough and shortness of breath.

This is how to save!

• Mask can be used to avoid dirt and dust particles.

• make a physical distance from paper who are suffering from cold or flu

• do not share household times like cups, glasses and towels.

• keep the light switch, cell phone, door knob etc. clean.

• regularly take medicines while adopting the treatment recommended by the doctor.

• stress affects the immune system, so be happy and meditate.

• Eat a nutritious and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

• Engage in physical activity according to ability as it is good for overall health and immunity.

• Instead of living home, shop online and go for a walk in the terrace or lobby.

• Continue to use your regular inhelar, nasal spray and anti allergy tablets.

• If you need more inhaler than contact the doctor immediately.

The symptoms and severity of asthma always change. This disease cannot be completely cured.

Yes, its symptoms can be managed. If you feel the onset of a symptom attack, follow the treatment plan given by the doctor. Keep the inhaler with you at all times and use it as necessary. If symptoms persist, contact the doctor immediately.